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Scary, and Ferocious.








The ring on the left is diamond, and costs $4,000. The right one is cubic zirconia, and is $19.99. Can we all please agree that it is fucking stupid to buy, ask for, or expect gemstones? Please? If you want a shiny ring, get a goddamn shiny ring. Trust me, I understand the desire to look like you are some kind of ancient monarch. Just maybe don’t buy something that costs as much as a used car.

Do you realize how large that price difference is? If you want to spend $4,000 dollars on someone, buy them the $20 ring, and then promise them 796 sandwiches. That’s over two years of sandwiches! It’s not an issue now, but just in case my future husband is reading this: don’t give me a diamond ring for a present, ever. Not even on our wedding.

Propose to me with sandwiches.

Other reasons diamonds are bullshit. 

I think if I was considering marrying someone, and they proposed to me with diamonds, I would probably break up with them.

Cubic zirconia is kinda neat. I have some CZ earrings I like. I wouldn’t want it in an engagement ring though. Not saying I want a diamond either (I really don’t) or that I would want a $4,000 ring (spending that much just seems absurd to me), but I want something I get a feeling of specialness from for something that momentous. Neither diamonds nor CZs have the right feeling to me. No idea why. And for me it’s not so much about having a shiny ring as it is about having something meaningful (knowing of course that the meaning is what you put in it). I don’t care if it’s only $20, that’s fine. My favorite ring was $20. And I’m not saying I want some strip-mined, slave-labor obtained gemstone of some other kind. I do give a crap about that. I would want something carefully chosen that’s ethically obtained, lab-grown, or recycled from an old piece of jewelry (or maybe just an old piece of jewelry itself). Just not diamonds or CZs, since I’ve always found them a bit on the boring side. I’m also one of those weird people who’s never cared too much for gold. And heck, I could buy my own ring. I mostly just like the idea of commemorating an engagement with a ring (though I never got around to the ring bit the first time I was engaged). Welsh love spoons are pretty cool too.

I don’t ever want to get married, but if at any point we move in together or decide to commit to each other as symbolized by jewelry, I like pearls. Though the surest way to get me to say yes is to do it Beauty and the Beast style: get me a fucking library.

One of my friends knows damn well her engagement ring is a blood diamond and doesn’t care. I despair.

Also diamond is my birthstone and it’s boring as fuck. It’s just see through, woopdedoo. I want garnet to be mine. My mother’s is opal and she’s all snotty about people not born in October wearing it. Whateverrrr.

Ever since I found out that diamonds are completely worthless (apart from drilling fucking massive holes in the world), and that they only come in one stupid colour (I was about 5 when I decided my rings would never be “boring”) I’ve hated them. http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1982/02/have-you-ever-tried-to-sell-a-diamond/4575/ is a really good article on why diamonds are so fucking expensive.

My birth stone (which I don’t really care about seeing as I’m a geologist) is a garnet, and a classy gorgeous gem that is. I’m literally just going to have one gem and I don’t care, I’m not fussed. Besides if I propose first (not really likely - freaking hopeless romantic) I’ll be buying a white falcon guitar and putting a will “you marry me” on a pick.

I think I read somewhere once that the whole idea of expensive engagement rings related to the fact that the worth of the ring was supposed to… sort of… signify the worth of the relationship. Not necessarily putting a dollar amount on it, but showing that they value it more than a 25 cent ring from one of those little candy machines. Kind of like a dowry, but giving it to the bride instead of her father.


I would never, NEVER, want a guy spending tons of money on a ring. In this day and age, it just seems completely wasteful to spend money on a hunk of rock that sits on my finger and does nothing but look pretty. If I ever do end up getting married, I would just want a simple silver ring that cost less than $100. THIS IS NOT DIFFICULT